Friday, August 27, 2010

europa III game one DAY 2


europa III game one


tropico game two

i started off with 70 but quickly sunk into dept.. i forgot to build a market and all my ppl started to starve to death..
35 new ppl 35 more victoms
40 rebels to my 4 soldiers
the ussr send ships and invaded me
game over :((
still fun

tropico game one

this game is great and i give it a 8 out of 10. its an island nation sim based in 1950 tho how ever long u wana go ~i  go to 200!~
anyways i start off with 70 ppl and it grose kida slow.. then i get better at the game and the usa ssends battleships to attack me.. srsly lame.. but i ally with the ussr and then i get alot of aim and my game relally takes off.. mansions for everyone! was my slogen and theradio srsly talked good about me.. then a hurracain came and tore up my island.. ppl got un happy and  started rebel... they always targted my lumber yeard
then they blow up a mansion
then they blew up my pallace... i was over thrown and not dead :(

first war on red alert 2

i started by sending my tanks to blow the bridges.
i did so fast and he was not able to attack me.. then i built my anti air and made alot of  war blimps and rushed hmi.. he countered with alot of anti air guns.. all were lsot.. then he massed tanks while i massed tanks and we had several skirmishedacross the lake... needless to say i was winning
then he fixed the bridges and bam!
a flood of tanks come nad and there gose my base...

  i killed 157 and he killed 85
more to come